Planning a Christmas party for your staff? Here are the tax rules you need to know…

As we approach Christmas, thoughts naturally start to turn towards staff parties and celebrations. This year you may decide it’s better to hold your party virtually, head to casual bar, fancy restaurant or hotel-based Christmas do – or even try something that’s more like a team-building exercise, like taking your team axe-throwing or to an […]

TLC Loves… taxman-friendly gifts at Christmas

With November fast approaching it’s definitely time to think about Christmas, even if you don’t actually do anything about it just yet. Most small businesses want to send a small gift to their key clients to say thanks for the business, so here are the things you need to bear in mind when ordering your […]

TLC Loves… keeping the majority of your cash in the bank when making big purchases

With the cost of living still on the rise and Bank of England interest rates showing no sign of slowing down, are clients are rightly prioritising cashflow to make sure they can continue to operate. But despite the worrying economic environment, growth and expansion should still be on every business owner’s radar. We asked asset […]

Your self-assessment checklist 2022/23

We’re already almost a month into the new tax year and yet it probably doesn’t feel like two minutes since you were paying your last tax bill. Now’s the time to get started on gathering your information together so we can submit your new tax return on time. You’ve probably already had a letter from […]

What’s the most tax-efficient director’s salary in 2023/24?

The most tax-efficient limited company director’s salary for 2023/24 As we head into a new tax year we’ve been doing our homework in the background as usual to come up with the best strategy for directors’ salaries. We work on the basis of making the most of your tax allowance and taking account of things […]

What’s the optimum limited company director’s salary for 2022/23?

We get asked quite a lot of questions about the optimum limited company director’s salary and why we recommend the amount we do. Here we explain the multiple factors at play when we arrive at a figure. What do we take into account when calculating the recommended salary? It’s a complex calculation to figure out […]

TLC Loves… Electric company cars

By now we’re all aware of the many benefits electric cars can have over traditional fuel-filled ones but making the switch to electric can still feel like taking a plunge into the unknown. As a small business owner who relies on your car, you may have questions like: ‘Will it get me from a-b without […]

Your handy self-assessment checklist 2021-22

As usual, we’ve created a handy self-assessment checklist to help you prepare everything for your self-assessment tax return. Remember this year we won’t be doing your tax return if your details are with us any later than 15 November, so make sure you get everything together in good time. Click here to download the TLC […]

TLC for all – what’s on the menu this month!

You’ll know by now that here at TLC, we totally love calculators and we totally love (ice) cream – which nearly works! Of course, TLC also means tender loving care. And, oh my!, how we’ve all needed a bit of that over these past two years. Whether that’s for each other, ourselves or our businesses, […]

When business insurance brings personal benefits

As a director of a limited company, it’s pretty much a given that you’ve got your main business insurances covered – you know, the general things like professional indemnity and public liability policies. However, there are some other types of business insurance that may not be so well known but offer some personal benefits that […]


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