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What start-ups should claim as expenses

Starting a business can be an expensive time. Many businesses take time to establish and don’t immediately give the owner a reasonable income, so it’s important that you claim whatever legitimate expenses you can, which will reduce your tax bill. If you’ve formed a limited company you can claim relevant expenses for up to seven years […]

Make your limited company more tax efficient by spending before your year-end

We’ve all had lots to think about these past few months so being strategic about what you spend and when might not have been top of your list. But there are tax-efficient ways to make the most of the money in your company and mitigate your corporation tax liabilities, and you need to take account […]

Effectively managing your personal and company tax liabilities

Nobody likes to get a big bill from HMRC. In the grand scheme of people and companies you could owe money to, they are the one institution it’s not worth playing chicken with. You will not win. But when you’re running a busy limited company, or are an in-demand freelancer, what’s the easiest way to […]

Back to work checklists

A couple of fabulous clients have produced back to work checklists to help businesses re-open offices and get the wheels turning again. Here’s Alpaca new normal guidance covering things like furlough, working from home, restructuring, pay and benefits, training and communication. And the HR180 Back to the fold checklist will help you assess what steps […]

Self-assessment paperwork checklist 2019-20

Each year we produce a handy checklist of details we’ll need clients to send to us so that we can complete their self-assessment tax return. We have until 31 January 2021 to submit tax returns for 2019-20, but we don’t want to leave it that late! Download the checklist below, and do send us your […]

Your responsibilities as a company director – what you need to know

Running your own business sounds like a brilliant idea and many people choose a limited company as the vehicle for doing that, but do you know about your responsibilities as a company director? This blog has been on our list to write for a while, but it’s even more pertinent given the current Covid-19 situation […]

All our Covid-19 updates

We’re working hard to bring you updates on useful stuff related to running a business or working for yourself and Covid-19. More and more people are asking questions about a variety of things, so we’ve pulled together all of the updates here on one page to make it easier to direct people to the information. […]

Our handy Covid19 support checklist

There’s so much to keep track of right now, so we’ve created a handy checklist of the Government support available to companies, company directors and the self-employed. Do bear in mind that the information is correct now, but that it could change pretty quickly. You can see the checklist above (without links) or we’ve created […]

What the furlough just happened? Views from Alpaca on the current situation for company directors

Team TLC are grateful to Richard Turner from Alpaca for pulling together this blog about the current situation faced by company directors in double-quick time. If you know Richard, he’s never short of an opinion, so buckle up. If you’re a company director, he doesn’t have much good news we’re afraid. ———— So, I’m conscious […]

Guest blog: Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – what we know and more importantly what we don’t know.

Our friends at Alpaca have kindly put together a quick blog on the Coronovirus Job Retention Scheme. Written by employment lawyer Sally Gwilliam it’s based on the information we have right now (23/3/2020). On Friday 20 March the Government took the unprecedented but welcomed decision to set up the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to provide […]


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